Other production areas are at Apricena (FG), Manfredonia (FG) and Margherita di Savoia (BT) for the production of crops that are more sensitive to the cold.

The cultivated areas are chiefly located nearby the processing warehouse, thereby shortening the time between harvesting, processing and then refrigeration.

The company is based in Capitanata, to the south of Foggia, a region that has always had a strong agricultural vocation.

Azienda Agricola Guzzetti applies a production system following the guidelines of integrated production. A correct crop rotation plan, prudent choice of varieties tolerating the main diseases, using phytosanitary products with less effect on humans and the environment, and choosing different methods of defence are the way to implement low-impact production process management. Special attention is moreover paid to saving water and energy.

The company has fruit and vegetable processing, washing, grading and packaging lines to meet all market needs in real time.

Azienda Agricola Guzzetti


The beginnings

In Milan, in via Piero della Francesca, just a short walk from Arco della Pace. Azienda Guzzetti was established there. Carlo and Adelaide cultivated salad, tomatoes and onions in the very centre of Milan. It was called “borgo di scigulat”. The city’s growth soon forced them to move outwards. The new land to be farmed was in via Triboniano, in the city’s farthest north-western suburbs. But factories pressed on the farm’s boundaries here too.



Eugenio, one of Carlo’s five children, decided to move even further out. His choice fell on Baranzate, a farming village with few inhabitants. The availability of water, which the wellheads and springs offered in abundance, was the decisive factor.


Great changes

In the hard times after the war, Eugenio and his wife Francesca took their produce to the fruit and vegetable market with horses and a mule, soon to be replaced by a Fiat truck, left from the 1914-18 war. The first tractor was a bright green Balilla with red wheel rims. It was only after 1930 when the first truck, a Lancia Pentajota, arrived.



After the war there was a drive to modernise farming machinery and techniques, supported by the brothers Carlo and Dante, that led the Guzzetti horticultural farm to always be at the spearhead in introducing the sector’s innovations. Meanwhile the company was growing and becoming one of the key players in the area of Milan.


The challenge

The desire to continually improve led the Guzzetti brothers to start a fresh experience at Tavoliere delle Puglie with the intention to extend harvesting time so as to have production throughout the entire year, in the summer at Baranzate and in the winter at Foggia.



With the start of the new millennium, the Company, led by Carlo’s son, Gianpaolo, and by Dante’s son, Stefano, grew in surface area and in crops. It inaugurated a new processing warehouse featuring cold storage rooms with rapid chilling and began mechanising the harvesting of leafy greens. New packaging machines were purchased and exports to international markets were intensified, making it a leader in the sector of leafy vegetable production.


The future

We are here, with the same passion, on the path traced by the founders, but with fresh energy. A modern establishment, with cutting-edge equipment to package our produce; ready and open to all the new technologies and with special attention to environmental sustainability.


Azienda Agricola Guzzetti, showing its commitment to quality farming that is friendly to the environment, is certified to the GLOBALGAP protocol.


Traceability is the ability to reconstruct the history and follow the use of a product by means of documented identification, concerning material streams and production chain operators.

All the products and packages leaving Azienda Agricola Guzzetti have a production batch that can be used to find out the exact “history” of the specific crop, from sowing to harvesting.